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Change your profile information.
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* February 01, 2012, 08:46:54 AM
Your profile is set up from the information you provide at when you register. If any of that changes then you should go to your profile [Profile menu button at the top of each page just under the picture] . Click on the Modify Profile button and you will see several selections in the drop down list.

Each section contains different information.
  • Use Account Setting to change either your password or your email address.
  • Use Forum Profile for most of your details
  • Look and Layout allows you to change some of the ways your screen will look
  • Notifications is the area where you can see what notifications you have set up and cancel them if required.
  • Personal Messaging allows you to select options for your private mail box
  • Buddies and Ignore list allows you to change your preferences for other users.