Remember to click the notify link for any board you want to be notified of new topics. Unless you reply to a topic or specifically click on the notify button for that topic you will not be advised of subsequent additions to that topic.

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* January 31, 2012, 11:00:39 AM
After you have joined the group you may wish to set up notification on certain boards. By default you are not notified about new posts, though you will be notified about replies to any post you have started or joined in.
To enable notification you must go the the board you want to be notified about, at the top of the screen towards the right you will see a NOTIFY button. Click on this. It will change to UNNOTIFY. Now you will get an email every time something new is posted to that board.
You must subscribe to notification separately on every board you wish to be notified about new posts.
If you want to check which boards you are set up for notification from you can go to your profile and under the Modify Profile menu item you will find Notifications which will show a list of all boards and topics you are currently subscribed to.
You can remove notification either by clicking on the UNNOTIFY button at the top right of each board page, or via the Modify Profile page.

You can set up other parameters for notification in your Profile area. If you click the Profile menu button and then the Modify Profile button and select Notifications you will see there are several items to set up. It is recommended you go there and set up as follows.
Tick all three boxes for notification.
From the two drop down lists select:
'Instantly' from the top one and 'Replies and Moderation' from the bottom one, this will ensure you get notified immediately of any posting to a board you have selected NOTIFICATION on. You can select other parameters if you wish and these are self explanatory, for example only getting notified once a day or once a week.
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